6th annual Southern Iowa Grazing Conference set Feb. 16-17

BLOOMFIELD ? Registration is now open for the six annual Southern Iowa Grazing Conference, which will take place Feb. 16-17 at the Mutchler Community Center in Bloomfield.

The event will run the evening of Feb. 16 and all day Feb. 17 offering education, inspiration and networking opportunities for grazers of all experience levels.

This year?s lineup of conference speakers includes: Ray Archuleta, conservation agronomist at the NRCS East National Technology Center, speaking on soil health in pastures; Kyle Wedel, owner and operator of a low input dairy farm in northeast Iowa will be giving a tour of his dairy farm. Sessions on ?Managing Hair Sheep in a Multi-species System,? ?The Economics of Grazing Beef Cattle,? and a farmer panel discussing ?Managing an Organic Dairy Farm? are planned.

The Southern Iowa Grazing Conference exists to provide an educational and inspiring environment with information about life on the farm, especially life on a cattle farm, according to event leaders Robert Yoder, John Henry Yoder, Elmer Beechy, Ivan Mast, and Ben Yoder.

The event is for all ages and all levels of experience. It is an opportunity to network and learn from other grazers in Iowa and beyond; and to inspire and be re-inspired about the work farmers commit to on their farms.

For more information, or to register, contact Anastasia Erdmann at 641-664-2600 Ext. 307 or or call Robert Yoder at 641-664-2060.