Alex McDow

Editor?s note: The Iowa Elks Association invites all sixth-graders to submit an essay on ?Our Flag - What it Means to Me.? The following essay was third locally.


What does the flag mean to me? To me, it means we are our own nation. We the people, have our own rights, and we are independent. It shows our original 13 colonies and our 50 states. It shows our past, both good and bad.

The colors on the flag stand for certain things. Red stands for energy, war, strength, power, determination as well as passion, and desire.

Blue stands for trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith and truth. White stands for safety, purity and cleanliness.

To me, the red on the flag shows the wars we fought with the Indians and Britain and the energy the troops had to keep fighting them. It also shows the power we have now.

The white shows what we didn?t have under Britain?s rule and what we have now as our own country.

What does the flag mean to you?


? Alex McDow, age 11, son of Holly McDow. Alex lives in Fairfield and attends Fairfield Middle School.