Allison, players never content

At 17-5 overall and 8-2 in the SEC, it would be easy for the Fairfield baseball team to be cocky and overconfident but they have loftier goals than playing .800 baseball and competing for the confernce title.

They want to win the Southeast Conference and they feel their best chance to do so is to keep getting better.

Head Coach Josh Allison broke down each of the three major areas and even took a look at his staff to see where tweaks could be made to improve the process.



?Our biggest focus is getting the leadoff hitter out so innings go more smoothly. It?s harder for teams to put up bigger numbers in that inning if we get the first guy out.?


?We need to pound the zone a little bit more, I think we are trying to be too fine with some of our pitches.

Instead of trying to hit the outer corner, lets just hit the outer third of the plate.?


?We have good enough stuff to challenge hitters and let the defense do their job.?



?If we can get everyone swinging the way that they are capable, we are going to catch fire.?


?We just have some small mechanical flaws here and there and when we find it, we can fix it by working on drills to get them where they need to be.?



?We?re playing well and attacking the baseball.

We try to get as close to that hitter as we can and catch the balls we should and make routine plays and then add a special play now and then to help our pitchers.?


Coaching staff

?We?re doing OK, but there is always room to improve.?


?I comes to work everyday and it?s a job, but it?s fun and keeps me young and is a great way to spend the summer.?