Another good thing about mothers

To the editor:

Here is a good thing about mother: They can keep you out of trouble. How? By making you change your mind, make a new decision, or by helping you reverse a course that is leading you toward trouble.

And your mom doesn?t even have to be there. Your mom can help you make better decisions even if she isn?t with you, even if she is somewhere else: a different state, country or continent. Why? Because the thought of your mother: who she is, what she wants for you, how much she loves you, can make you change a decision you have already made.

Even the memory of your mother can do this. Even if she has been gone five, 10, or 20 years. The memory of your mom can help you stay out of trouble. Examples: I gave a young boy $45 over a three-month period. I gave him $5 or $10 every time I saw him with his mom or his grandmother, just as a gift.

What I did not do or forgot to do was to make sure I gave his older brother the exact same amounts. I did remember occasionally but I never saw him and kept putting it off. Then I thought of my mother and what she would think of my mistake. She would say, with great emphasis, ?Jimmy! You can?t give one brother money and not the other!? And she would be right of course. So I went straight to the older brother, apologized and then gave him the entire amount, $45, later that afternoon.

You see I had an older brother, 17 months older, and I know, and my mom would know, how I would feel if I missed out on a $45 gift. Not happy. And Mom would have made it right. So thinking of her, I made it right. Yes moms can keep you out of trouble. But it is because you love your mom so much and how much she loves you that really does it. And that love will always be with you, no matter where she is, for the rest of your life.

I could provide some other examples but they would not be right for children?s ears. You can be sure your mom and dad have a few too.

(This letter was inspired by Thomas S Monson; recently deceased President and Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.)


? Jim Turner, Fairfield