Assessing the state of our union

To the editor:

Our wars are paid for by credit cards. We simply cannot afford them. Considering our current national debt and the interest we pay on it every year, we need to raise taxes, not lower them.

Everyone should pay their fair share of taxes. The rich should pay more; the poor less. Our current system favors the rich.

Everyone should have basic health care: no exceptions. Health care is a right.

Our soldiers in uniform and those who have already served should be taken care of in sickness and in health. For the rest of their lives.

Higher education is a privilege not a right. Academic excellence should be rewarded with scholarships.

All children have a right to an education through High School.

Health care should emphasize prevention. Children should learn about dietary laws and personal finance in school.

Every young person should spend one year of their lives in some form of national service before the age of 25.

The US should adopt the British system of no confidence votes, very short election cycles [paid for by taxes} and severe campaign spending limits.

The health of our environment is the single most important issue for the future of our country and for the world. We must face this issue honestly and be united in our resolve to restore the natural health and well being of our planet.

Misconceptions always require elaborate explanations.The truth is always simple and can stand on its own.We must require our politicians and leaders to be honest-whoever they are and whichever political party they may belong to.We need younger, more vigorous, wiser and more compassionate leadership in this country-And we need it soon.

As American citizens, we need to face the truth and demand it from our politicians. The truth is the immediate future is not going to be great and we are not going to love it.

The immediate future will require sacrifices - the kind of sacrifices the greatest generation made during the Great Depression and World War II.


- Jim Turner, Fairfield