Avoid chemicals by growing own vegetables

To the editor:

There?s an old saying, ?You are what you eat.? In this day and age, it?s still true, I?m learning first hand!

Today, we are faced with modern chemical agriculture and meat production as well as widespread and indiscriminate use of antibiotics and other agents such as contraceptives, the ?pill,? etc. This affects unborn babies, children and everybody as we get older (I?ll be 83 next month. a retired RN still learning from my own experiences!) There are attention deficit and other disorders, many and serious mental issues, addictions, cancers and disabilities as never before, as well as the tragic epidemic of deaths from drugs especially opioids.

An important key to health is our stomach, the ?gut? where myriad organisms digest our food and keep us healthy. Toxins in fruits and vegetables from chemical agriculture, genetically manipulated foods and antibiotic and hormone residues in meats, eggs and dairy can damage and even wipe out these friends and leave us vulnerable to infections and unhealthy yeasts such as candida, which are widespread and very difficult to treat.

Use of systemic contraceptives as the ?pill,? largely artificial and cancer-causing estrogens, disrupt the healthy functioning of our bodies as well as other side effects such as pollution of water systems worldwide causing breast and other cancers.

Contraceptives are also the gateway to risky behaviors with epidemic sexually transmitted diseases, pornography, human and sex trafficking, and divorce, and failures that lead to abortion, all destructive to the family, the basis of civilization and cultural values as proven by science and common sense.

The ?Laws of Nature? that govern creation are precious gifts to be used and protected. Having your own garden, even a pot of herbs like parsley, chives and basil in winter in a sunny window or lettuce from little patch by your backdoor step brings much health and happiness. Try the difference with your own things from the garden, flowers as well as foods. Farmers markets, organic produce in your favorite grocery store, dairy and meats. It will make a difference and bring many blessings!

This also brings the thought that next week is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, 40 days of preparation for the passion and ultimate sacrifice of Our Lord on the Cross and His triumph over death as we celebrate Easter and the coming of spring!


? Mary LaFrancis, Fairfield