Barnhart/Roach family

Barnhart/Roach hold 50-year reunion


BATAVIA --Thirty-three members gathered July 15 in Batavia, marking the 50th reunion for the family.

Those in attendance were senior elder Clara Agnes Barnhart Swihart, Joyce Perkins, Larry and Donna Wilson all of Batavia; Bill Shields, Olivia Shields, Tina Shields and children Zachary and Zoey from Fairfield. Teena Roush came from Newton. All from Pella were Denise and Brandon Byers, Mason and Tiffany Spoelstra with children Natalia, Emmanuel, Ember, and Lucian, while grandparents Dixie and Paul Mooney came from Ottumwa. Elaine Bolinger and Mark Cade came from Lenox. Bob and Shari Barnhart and son Boston came from University Heights, while Ethan and Kendra Spoelstra are from Woodward. Others from Fairfield who joined later were Anna Shields, Michael and Carolyn Shields and daughter Brinley and Aunt Ashley Workman.

Agnes Barnhart provided a summary of her thoughts of the past 50 years, stating ?? sharing stories of past reunions and jogging our memories of our togetherness ? The brightest reunion she recalls was our first one in 1969 in Garden Grove. Daughter Teena Roush wrote a summary with pictures of memorable events of the past 50 years. She concluded in her story ?though by blood we were brought together, experiences camaraderie, conversations and good will kept us going year after year for more of the same ? I wonder what the next 50 years will unfold ?.Only time will tell.?

Agnes Barnhart won both awards of the most attended reunions and the eldest member at 98 years old.

Joyce Perkins provided pictures of the 50 years of reunions displayed in a slideshow.

Ethan Spoelstra provided interested members a discussion on the benefits of Google products.

Food and conversations were shared.