Be more aggressive against CAFOs

To the editor:

Lee Dimmitt, Jefferson County Supervisor, recently demonstrated great pride in the fact that he and his fellow supervisors have never had a Master Matrix plan overridden by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (see his letter to the editor of Aug. 23). This is analogous to a high school basketball player bragging to his coach that he never commits fouls, disregarding the fact that his individual opponents are averaging 20-plus points and 15 rebounds per game against him. At this point, even a middling coach would urge the lad to ?be more aggressive on defense!?

If the supervisors would likewise put more effort into defending the quality of life of Jefferson County residents, Master Matrix be darned, then maybe, just maybe, the big ag-friendly DNR will begin to take more seriously their mandate to protect the quality of air, land and water for all Iowans and stop the dangerous and loathsome proliferation of CAFOs in our state.


- Barney Potratz, Fairfield