Bloomquist thankful for Fairfield

Part of what makes Fairfield senior Ashley Bloomquist so tough is her self-appointedd position as her toughest critic.

Although the cross country, basketball and track standout is usually one of the better athletes, regardless of the season she is currently in, Bloomquist has to fight the urge to distract herself during races with her own negative energy.

?I try to stay focused and mentally tough,? admits the distance runner, who adds, ?I?m thinking ?this is too tough? and ?I don?t know if I can do it? and usually I just persevere through it while I try to keep my mind on other things.?

Bloomquist worked ?really hard? this summer and put in ?a lot of miles,? vague numbers that most of us would cringe at if forced to log ourselves.

?I have good endurance and a solid aerobic base,? said Bloomquist who is aiming for the 19 minute mark in each race this reason, although at the first meet Monday, she admittedly just went out there with the goal to ?just win it.?

While wanting a target on your athletic back may sound pompous, Ashley is getting bored running alone and without someone to push her and give her something to work on and against.

?I?m tired of running with the guys and a little competition never hurt,? expressed the senior.

Off the course, the young Trojan ?wants to be a family with her team,? and she thinks that goal is already a reality.

Not only is integrity a big thing for Bloomquist on the course and court, but she believes that making running a lifestyle helps her eat right and ?do what she?s supposed to do.?

When asked if she?s doing alright balancing life, senior year, three sports and managing the football team, she gives her herself some credit where it?s due.

She?s also thankful to the Fairfield community who shows their support with both money and cheering as she is a huge fan of the new weightroom.

?It?s awesome and is a big part of what they do in running,? explained Ashley who works out a lot with the rack, bends and med balls that are all now conveniently located.