Blue pinwheels, ugly ties symbolize happy childhoods

Nurturing Families Community Partnership for Protecting Children is joining communities across the nation in April, Child Abuse Prevention Month, in celebrating the small actions people take every day that make a big difference in children?s lives.

Throughout the month, watch for the blue pinwheels and ugly ties that are symbols of the happy, carefree childhood that all children deserve.

The Nurturing Families Community Partnership for Protecting Children is planning several activities to promote great childhoods.

This week, pinwheel color sheets colored by local preschoolers at Community Child Care Center and Fairfield Head Start are to be displayed at Fairfield Hy-Vee Food and Drug Store and the Fairfield Public Library.

Pinwheel gardens will be planted in local communities Monday through April 27. In Fairfield, the pinwheels are set to appear at the Jefferson County Health Center and Jefferson County Public Health. The pinwheels have local child abuse statistics and ways to build safe communities for all children.

April 23 will be ?Tie One Day.? Everyone is asked to don an ugly or outlandish tie or scarf for the day to raise awareness that there is nothing uglier than child abuse. Local community members can post their photos on the Community Partnership for Protecting Children Facebook page.

?We are promoting these activities to bring attention to the simple things that you and I can do to ensure great childhoods for all children in our community,? said Tammy Wetjen-Kesterson, Decat director. ?Our children are our future, and if we take action, not just in April, but every day, we can go a long way toward creating a community where all children grow up healthy and successful and where abuse and neglect never occur.

Community members can take action for child abuse prevention year-round by reaching out to young families with encouragement, donating diapers to local food banks or domestic violence programs, even smiling at the mom with the crying children in the grocery store.