Board approves road department purchase

The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors met Monday to discuss a nuisance property issue and receive an update from County Engineer Scott Cline.

The nuisance property complaint addressed by the board pertains to a property on Oakwood Drive observed to have junk cars and other items strewn about the property. The board agreed to defer action to warmer weather for the resident to address the issue.

Cline submitted a request for the county to acquire a liquid application system (LAS) add-on for a secondary road department truck. The request was approved for an LAS manufactured by Henderson for a cost of $20,770.

Cline advised the supervisors that the system includes an 1,800-gallon tank that can be used for water, brine or dust-control solution on county roads. Brine could be applied to certain paved roads before snow and ice storms, while applying water to roads during hot, dry weather can be beneficial to earth-grading and to the grading of gravel roads and other construction projects.

He went on to point out that ?the county could do dust-control for gravel road detours and other places where the road department currently contracts that work to private companies. Having the county do this work could show a substantial cost savings.?

Secondary road department personnel have taken photographs and water-depth measurements around the piers and abutments of four county bridges revealing no problems. If not watched regularly, water erosion known as bridge scour can cause problems with the structural integrity of bridges.

When weather and water flows allow, the same observations will be made for the Merrimack Bridge on 146th Boulevard over the Skunk River.

Signs were placed and other signs removed along the north and east sides of Maharishi Vedic City, to help clarify where the 45 mph speed zone is, and where it ends.

The board was also updated on the completion of brush cutting and tree clearing on Tuliptree Avenue and Salina Road, and that the county?s sand and salt bin is full of mixed-material and that more salt has been ordered.

Finally, the road department will be applying for reimbursement of qualifying road signs through an Iowa Department of Transportation signage reimbursement program, requiring a resolution from the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors, which was approved.