Board to review CAFO proposal

The Jefferson County Supervisors met Monday to hear an update from the county engineer and to review drawings for a re-plat of Drish Minor Subdivision.

Other business was addressed, but since Supervisor Dick Reed was away this week, some items were tabled or deferred.



The board set a meeting for 1 p.m. Aug. 13 to review the state?s Master Matrix score for a proposed confined animal feeding operation.

The proposed operation, known as the William Huber Daniels site at 1044 Nutmeg Ave. in Richland, would have more than 2,500 hogs, thus prompting the supervisors to review the proposal against the state?s Master Matrix scoring system which Jefferson County participates in.

The scoring system helps to evaluate the impact of a CAFO across 44 criteria including its effects on air and water quality, minimum distance from residences and public-use buildings, the use of storage basins, lagoons and structures for manure.

The system also rates the proposed facility?s emergency action plan and other Iowa Department of Natural Resources considerations. The purpose of the Master Matrix scoring system is to encourage CAFOs to adhere to higher standards than required by law. It also provides a tool for the board to provide input into a proposed CAFO.


Myers appointed deputy treasurer

The board approved two appointments to the Jefferson County Treasurer?s Department. Mark Myers was appointed as deputy treasurer in the wake of Terri Kness?s departure as county treasurer. His term will end Dec. 31, by which time a new treasurer will have been elected. Myers intends to run for the position. Amanda Beasley was appointed tax deputy, also through the end of the year.

The board approved the reinstatement of a disposal system contractor?s license for Freeman Family Farms, Inc. A proposal for suspension of property taxes due to financial hardship was tabled for discussion pending necessary paperwork from Iowa Department of Human Services.


Road projects

County Engineer Scott Cline briefed the board on recent roadwork in the county including a regrading of Toadflax Boulevard between Unicorn and Route 78 (Washington-Jefferson Street). The work is expected to be completed on Aug. 17.

Paving on 227th Street was completed this past week. The street is now open to local residents, but time for curing and further construction at the intersection will delay its full opening.

Cline also updated the board on plans by Windstream to construct four communication towers in the county. Windstream has begun the permitting process for the towers and the proposed locations are 1632 200th Ave., 2668 205th St., 2249 Redwood Ave. and 2459 Palm Blvd. The towers will be approximately 100 feet tall.

Workaday items completed by the road department include blading for the season?s second dust-control spraying, brush cutting, ditching, mowing, pothole patching and rock hauling. A tanker-car culvert was also put in place on 220th Street.

French-Reneker-Associates? representative Jason Hull presented revised drawings for changes to Lot 1 of the Drish Minor Subdivision. The re-plat aims to clarify proper ownership of a number of small parcels which are part of the lot.

Drawings presented the previous week were unclear regarding several parcels. The board seemed pleased with the new drawings and approved the re-plat.

?Basically, the changes we made from what you saw last week will make it a little more clear what we?re doing out there,? Hull said. ?We also added a drawing showing the entire boundary of Lot 1A.?