Broadway Players of FHS announce 2017-18 season

The Broadway Players of Fairfield High School promise a year of hilarity, surprises, mystery, and murder! The theme of the 2017-2018 season is Every Family is a Little Bit ... Different.

The fall play will be ?Arsenic and Old Lace,? a madcap comedy by Joseph Kesselring, and the spring musical is ?The Addams Family ? A New Musical.?

Performances of ?Arsenic and Old Lace? will be on Halloween weekend, Oct. 27, 28, and 29, with the performances on Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and the Sunday matinee at 2 p.m.

The matriarchs of the Brewster family, Abby and Martha Brewster have an unusual charity. The sweet little ladies befriend elderly gentlemen who are all alone in the world, then humanely dispatch them with elderberry wine laced with ?one teaspoon arsenic, half a teaspoon of strychnine, and just a pinch of cyanide.? The roles of Abby and Martha will be played by Phoenix Haessler and Harper Fiske, respectively.

The Brewsters have three nephews: Mortimer, Theodore, and Jonathan. Mortimer (played by Gunnar Mattson) has a disreputable job as a drama critic for a New York newspaper and is soon to wed his cheeky sweetheart Elaine Harper (Mira Pappin). Theodore (Mason Malone) lives under the happy delusion that he is Teddy Roosevelt. Whenever the need arises, Teddy digs a new addition to the ?Panama Canal? in the Brewsters?s cellar. Jonathan (River Norwood) is a psychopathic criminal who disappeared years ago. Oh, well ? no family is perfect!

When Mortimer discovers what his aunts and Teddy have been up to, he has two tasks: break off his engagement to Elaine because of the insanity in the family and somehow get all his relatives transferred to Happy Dale Sanitarium for safekeeping.

Jonathan?s wacky accomplice, Dr. Einstein, is portrayed by Dallas Carlson. The bumbling police who can?t find a murderer in the dark nor in broad daylight are Officer Klein (Andrew Alonso), Officer Brophy (Calista Rowe), Officer O?Hara (David Wallingford), and Lieutenant Rooney (Hailey Simmons). Dr. Harper, Elaine?s stodgy father, is played by James Trent. The role of Mr. Gibbs, a prospective boarder who barely escapes with his life, is filled by Michael Hunt. Mr. Witherspoon, the superintendent of Happy Dale is portrayed by Mitchel Melvin.

?Arsenic and Old Lace? is directed by Betsie Wotherspoon. Noel Wotherspoon serves as stage manager and John Grunwald and Jim Edgeton are the technical directors. Student crew members are: Izzy Ferrell, Jeremiah Funkhouser, Blair Grunwald, Nathan Mathis, Katie McLain, Ella Phillips, and Shaelyn Thompson.