CAFO will negatively affect air quality

To the editor:

So William Huber, owner of the prospective confined animal feeding operation (CAFO), the largest yet to be constructed in Jefferson County, wants to assure us that air quality will not be affected except on days when liquid manure (2.2 million gallons per year!) is applied to local fields.

I suppose he also believes that the eye-watering miasma experienced when passing through Washington County (having the second largest density of CAFOs in the state) is due to ill sanitized pizza parlors; Donald Trump never lies; and the moon is made of green cheese (the non-odorous kind).

- - -

I?m reminded of a favorite limerick:

The promoters of pig farming factories

While assaulting our senses olfactory

Would like us to think

Their pig poop won?t stick

A message maliciously malefactory


? Barney Potratz, Fairfield