Cardinal archers perform well in home tournament, prepare for state competition in Des Moines

Cardinal archers hosted their own tournament Feb. 24 in Eldon, with the elementary and middle school teams finishing first in both Block and 3D targets and the high schoolers coming in second place in both categories.

Block target medal earners were: Paiden Rupe second 255, Chase Johnson third 248, Colton Zaputil fourth 248, Joel Carman fifth 245, and Garrett Porter 10th for the boys with a score of 208. The girls who placed were: Makayla Barnes who finished third with 253, Ava Ballard fourth 253, and Lauren Sloan ninth with 228.

Boys? shooters earning medals in 3D were: Paiden Rupe first 254, Colton Zaputil second 249, Joel Carman fourth 219, Chase Johnson fifth 218, Keaton Pottorff seventh 205, and Caleb Farfan 10th with 198.

Girls that placed were: Ava Ballard third 243, Makayla Barnes sixth 225, and Autumn Seretterh 10th 212.


Middle school medal earners in target were: Allison Sloan first for the girls with 283, Alita Bossler third with 276, and Haylee Fountain fifth with 267. Boys were: Michael Mullikin second with 280, Austin McClure fifth 272, Morgan Rupe seventh 271, Montana Rupe ninth 267, and Ethan Ragen 10th 267.

Top 3D finishers for the girls were: Allison Sloan first with 284, Skyllar Welch fifth with 249, Alita Bossler sixth with 247, and Haylee Fountain ninth with 242. Top finishers for the guys were: Karson Kirkpatrick first 281, Morgan Rupe second 279, Michael Mullkin fourth 274, Austin McClure sixth 269, Montana Rupe ninth 263, and Ethan Ragen 10th with 262.


Top high school target shooters were: Brodie Mairet who finished fifth with 280, Triston Brown seventh with 277, and Kristian Sanders 10th with 271. Randi Short was ninth for the girls with 269. 3D medalist were: Kristian Sanders finishing seventh with 271 and Jacob Stitles who was eighth with 271.

The archers are preparing for the State Archery Tournament held March 10th and 11th at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines.