Cardinal archery at Winter Iowa Games

Saturday was successful for Cardinal archery at the Winter Iowa Games against 12 others schools and hosted by Eddyville-Fremont-Blakesburg, with each level finishing in the top three.

Cardinal elementary finished first in both 3D and the block targets. Top 10 individual finishers in the 3D were: Paiden Rupe, first with 262; Keaton Pottorff, eighth with 219; Colton Zapatel, 10th with 213; and Ava Ballard shot 195 for ninth place for the elementary girls.

In the elementary girls block target event, Paiden Rupe shot 267 for second, Lauren Sloan shot 240 for fourth place, and Autumn Sertterh shot 235 for ninth.

Cardinal middle school placed first in 3D and second in block targets. Top 3D finishers were: Allison Sloan, 275 for second; Montana Rupe, 274 for fourth; Michael Mullikin, 263 for ninth and Morgan Rupe shot 262 for 10th place.

Top middle school finishers for block targets were: Alita Bossler, 274 for seventh; Allison Sloan, 274 for eighth; Morgan Rupe, 277 for fifth; Dylan Telfer, 277 for sixth and Michael Mullikin shot a 276 for seventh place,

The high school team finished third in both events. Top finishers in 3D were: Danielle Jamison, 273 for second and Kaylyn Sallee, 260 for ninth on the girls side, while Austin McClure shot a 263 for eighth in the boy?s event.

Danielle Jamison also shot a 284 for seventh place in the girls block target event.

This Saturday will be the Cardinal Shooting Comets Archery tournament and it will start at 8 a.m.