Cardinal Archery performs well

Cardinal Archery competed at the Ottumwa tournament Feb. 10 with all three levels finishing top three in both block and 3D shooting.

The Cardinal Elementary team finished first in 3D as a team with top ten finishers on the boys? side: Colton Zaputil shot a 239 for first place; Paiden Rupe placed fourth with a 229; Chase Johnson shot a 228 for fifth place; Garrett Porter shot a 220 for ninth place; and Keaton Pottorff placed 10th with 219.

The elementary girls were lead by: Ava Ballard who placed fourth with a score of 228; Autumn Sertterh was fifth with a 227; Makayla Barnes was ninth with 221; and Lauren Sloan 10th with 220.

Cardinal elementary finished second in block competition with top ten finishes from the following boys: Paiden Rupe, 260, first place; Colton Zaputil, 248, seventh place; and Chase Johnson, 247, eighth place. Top girls were: Makayla Barnes, 261, second place and Lauren Sloan placed sixth with 251.

Cardinal Middle School placed first in 3D with the following girls finishing in the top ten archers: Alita Bossler second with 268; Haylee Fountain fourth with 257; Audrey Clark fifth with 253; Allison Sloan sixth with 251; Brianna Clark seventh with 238; Cassidy Brown ninth with 233; and Heidi Wemmie 10th with 231.

Middle school boys: Michael Mullikin second with 286; Ethan Ragen third with 275; Morgan Rupe fourth with 272; Montana Rupe seventh with 265; and Karson Kirkpatrick eighth with 265

Dylan Telfer 10th with 262.

The middle schoolers placed 2nd in block shooting with five top ten finishers: Allison Sloan shot a 279 for third place and Alita Bossler placed fifth with 277, while Austin McClure shot a 280 for second on the boys side, Michael Mullikin shot 280 for third, and Karson Kirkpatrick shot 275 for 10th.


Cardinal High School placed third in 3D shooting with top ten finishes by: Amber Ludwig seventh with 263; Jacob Stiles eighth with 273; and Jarrett Rea 10th with 268. The high schoolers ended the day with a third place finish in block shooting too. Jacob Stiles shot a 280 for fifth as the lone top 10 shooter.


Next Saturday the Cardinal Shooting Comets will travel to Center Point to compete in their tournament.