Cardinal girls? track has an excited new leader

The Cardinal girls? track team has a new head coach and Lindsay Albert is excited about her first lap with the Comets.


Q) How are your numbers this year?

Lindsay Albert: I have 23 girls out this year. It?s a good start for my first year of coaching.


Q) What are your areas of strength, and weaknesses?

Albert: Some of the strengths we have is many of our track athletes are multi-sport athletes so they have a good all-around presence while competing.

We are a young team. Many may think that?s a weakness, but these girls have already proven themselves in practice and I?m excited to continue to work with them.

We have girls that fill each event and balance out our roster.


Q) Are you a young, experienced or balanced team?

Albert: We are a very young team. Of the 23 girls, we have only one who is a senior and 12 are freshman.

Many of these girls found success in middle school and are hoping to continue that success into their high school career.


Q) Who are some of your leaders on or off the track?

Albert: One of the stronger leaders we have on our team is our lone senior, Peyton VanBlaricom. She?s been in a boot the last few weeks, but has been great at motivating the girls prior to her injury and through her recovery.

We also have young leaders who really take charge during the workouts.

I?m excited to see these young leaders prosper through the rest of their high school careers.


Q) What are your goals for the team or any individuals?

Albert: We?ve set our goals high, like any other program. Now it?s proving to ourselves that we can and will accomplish these goals through the season. Our biggest enemy is ourselves. Early on in the season I challenged the girls to decide if they?re going to be a contribution or a commitment.

Through each practice I?ve seen these girls commit to our program and commit to the process. We know we might not accomplish all we want in one year together, but that?s the great part of having a young team, we have time to grow and put in the work we need to be successful.