Comets beat everyone but Warriors

The Van Buren volleyball team went 10-1 in games played and 5-0 in matches Saturday at Cardinal High, while the host Comets went 9-3 in games played and 4-1 in matches, losing only to the Warriors who took the round-robin title with Centerville, Seymour, Moulton-Udell and Twin Cedars also participating.


SEISC rivals

?Cardinal has improved,? admitted Van Buren skipper Matt Zeitler, who added, ?Those kids have played a lot of summer ball and are much better.?

The Comets took game one 21-19, something that woke the Warriors up.

?The best thing was Cardinal winning a game,? suggests Zeitler, who continued, ?because they don?t like losing, especially to Cardinal and that got us to come back harder. [Jerald] Harter is the only one in the world that knows our weakness, because he does it all the time against us, but we?re going to correct that before anyone else figures it out.?

Van Buren took games two 21-13 and three 15-7 to earn the victory.



Van Buren beat the Redettes for the second straight tournament, this time sweeping the match 21-15 and 21-17.

Cardinal trounced Centerville in game one, 21-9, before falling in the second set 21-17 and then winning with a third set score of 15-10.



The Comets walked away with an easy victory here, 21-9/21-3.

Game one went similarly for the Warriors who won 21-4, before subbing in their second team and capturing game two by a more modest 21-13 advantage.


Twin Cedars

Van Buren bested the Sabres in consecutive games 21-7 and 21-11.

The Comets also had little trouble with Twin Cedars, winning 21-8 and 21-12 for the sweep.



Two fairly close wins came for the Comets in the sweep over the other Warriors, 21-15 and 21-19.

Seymour saw little success against the more dominant Warriors with Van Buren winning 21-11 and 21-10.


Stat studs

So far this season, Selena Sayre has a kill efficiency of nearly .450, nearly 100 percentage-points over anyone else on the team and second best in Class 2A while she?s tops in kills with 75.

?She plays club ball and basketball,? explained Zeitler, who continued, ?When you hit the ball that good above the net, it?s just power.?

Coach Z also pointed out that junior Grace Davidson has improved tremendously, partially because she?s a perfectionist.

Zeitler knows one thing he has to do is keep the girls from getting wound too tight.

?They want to win and sometimes get carried away, but it?s because they are built for success.?

The Warriors coach said that although some individual stats are down a bit, team stats have improved because they have a solid eight girl rotation with a ninth that can come in.

?I don?t have a lot of complaints,? concluded Coach Z.