Committee declines city aid for park

Tom Thompson of the Fairfield City Council?s ways and means committee reported to the council Monday that Alex Stanley had asked for city assistance in removing gravel for the park he?s planning to build and donate to the city.

In late June, the council heard Stanley?s vision for a park at the intersection of North Main Street and West Briggs Avenue. The lot was once the home of the Tribune Printing Company, but it has been nothing but a concrete slab since the building was torn down in 2014.

Stanley purchased the lot from Ross Walker with the intention of turning it into a park dedicated to his late wife, Petra, and giving it to the city. The park would have raised planter boxes around the outside and a seating area inside. It would be known as ?Petra?s Place.?

Stanley asked for the city?s help in removing gravel from the property. However, Thompson said the ways and means committee agreed that if Stanley wished to give the park to the city, it should not come with strings attached requiring the city?s help. Councilor Michael Halley chimed in that it was city policy for all gifts to the city to be gifts in full.