Counterpoint on minimum wage

To the editor:

After reading the recent comments by David Sands from the July 5 edition of The Ledger, I feel a response is in order.

The minimum wage that has been established is meant to be a beginning point for those workers newly entering the workforce.

Two people, living independently, both earning only a minimum wage, with a car payment or trying to buy a home raises some very important questions. First of all, why are both parties at minimum wage? Second, just how ambitious are they?

The latest jobs report I recall showed there are over 7 million jobs available in the U.S. Surely, there must be two jobs with a ?living wage? and probably offer health benefits as well. Nothing I?m aware of says one has to stay in Jefferson County all their life.

It appears Mr. Sands had more of a political motivation for his comments than a real social shortcoming. His statements appear to be those of a staunch liberal looking for a ?help me, help me those awful Republicans are holding me down.? If you believe one race, white Christians, one religion or one political party is responsible for your predicament you need more education. If you believe you are being held down by anyone you need more ambition.

How long do you think someone earning a $15 minimum wage would be satisfied if someone in another city earned $20 doing the same work? Something tells me that you, sir, would be one of, if not the first to complain that you were being treated unfairly.

I do agree we need a much higher level of mental health resources. However, I?m not of the belief that ?reproductive? care should be provided by the government. Health care of that nature doesn?t mean that a family making a comfortable living should be responsible for helping someone abort a child they realize they don?t want or can?t afford.

If you believe either political party is in place to provide you an easy ride to wealth or prosperity you need additional education in that area, too. The government was not meant to take care of us from cradle to grave.

Contrary to popular belief, there is a middle class. I lived a life of being poor until adulthood. I really didn?t know at that time that I was poor. However, with a good education and a lot of ambition I consider myself in the middle class. I didn?t ask for government assistance; I listened to my parents, who said if I was ambitious, willing to work and got a good education, I would do just fine. They were right. That?s more than any government can ever do.


? Jack Eddy, Fairfield