Cross country seniors, Ella and Connor, say goodbye

Two senior members of the cross country team who weren?t featured last week, Ella Pollet and Connor Ryan, stayed a few extra minutes after their banquet Sunday night, to discuss their careers and their futures.


Describe your senior year?

Ella Pollet: I started off strong and then I kind of plateued a little bit. I don?t run because I?m good at it, though; I do it because I enjoy it and I enjoy running with my friends.


What?s special about your team chemistry?

Ella: I don?t know, we?re just all really close and we all have a bunch of inside jokes, plus we?re together five days a week.


What drew you to cross country?

Connor Ryan: Originally, I was good but then I just kind of stayed with it because of the team. When you spend enough time with these people, you build that friendship and that respect of the team needing every runner it?s got, especially the girls this year not having as many of them

Ella: Yeah, I wasn?t even sure I was going to run this year but I stuck with it because it?s my senior year and I was like, ?Well, it?s fun, so I?m just going to do it and finish out a sport.?


Best Dancer?

Ella: It?s me, obviously.

Connor: My vote still goes to Gannon.


What do you want your legacy to be?

Ella: Obviously, when people remember me they aren?t going to think of a super good runner, but I hope people remember me as being a good part of the team.

I always try to make people want to come to practice and want to make people feel better and make them laugh.

Connor: I?m pretty much the same. I?m not super great so I?m hoping to be more remembered as part of the team and remembered by the younger runners.


What other sports do you play?

Ella: I?ve always loved soccer and I?m really looking forward to it this year. We lost a lot of good players, but I think we?ll still have a pretty strong team this year. We start indoor practices in late November.

Connor: In track I run sprints, the 200 and some medleys, and I feel like I?m a lot better at that. For me, it?s a sport I can compete in at a higher level. Track is more about the competition than the team. I?ve been lifting whenever I get a break from work so I?m ready.


College plans?

Ella: I?m going to the University of Iowa to major in health and human physiology and hopefully become a physical therapist.

Connor: I?ve been accepted to the University of Iowa?s public health program, so I?m going to get my bachelor?s in that.


Have you run much since the season ended?

Ella: (Laughing hysterically)

I haven?t run at all.

Connor: No.

Ella: (giggling) I?ve lifted, but that?s about it.