Davison: Running to make a difference

BATAVIA ? Kimberly Davison, a Batavia City Council incumbent, is currently running for a two-year seat to fill a vacancy, and she said she?s sure she would be a good addition to the team.

Davison was appointed by Batavia Mayor Tom Drish in July to fill a vacancy; but she?s ready for a more permanent role on the council.

?I have a different background than some of the people who are currently on the council, and I think it?s a good add,? Davison said, explaining that she hoped to help make Batavia better.

A member of the Army National Guard, Davison is also a Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Officer for The First National Bank in Fairfield.

?I?m responsible for reading and interpreting regulations, and making sure that the bank is in compliance with those regulations,? Davison said. ?I?m also a platoon sergeant with the Iowa National Guard. It?s a leadership role. I am a staff sergeant doing a sergeant first class role,? she said, explaining that she would test for a promotion in May.

Davison is a member of the Iowa Bankers Association and she is also a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars.

?I was deployed to Afghanistan from 2010-2011,? she said, adding that she is currently stationed in Stormlake, but she started her military career in Waterloo before transferring to other areas in Iowa, such as Des Moines and Oskaloosa.

Davison, who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from Upper Iowa University, enlisted into the guard when she was 17.

?I actually went to basic training during the summer of my junior year of high school,? she said. ?I went back to high school to finish my senior year, and then after I graduated, I went to [Advanced Individual Training] to become a lightweight wheel vehicle mechanic.?

Originally from Eldora, Davison has served a total of 11 years in the military.

Davison?s husband Chris, whom she met in the miliary, is also running unopposed in hopes of being Batavia?s next mayor.

The couple has a blended family of six.

?She has two, and I have two,? Chris said of Kaiden, 11, Ethan, 10, Emma, 9 and Stephen, 8.

?Her two, Kaiden and Ethan, go to Cardinal schools, and my two Emma and Stephen, go to Pence Elementary School in Fairfield,? he said.

The Davison?s admit to having a busy schedule filled with personal commitments, work and children?s? activities, as both Kimberly and Chris coach Little League.

?We do lead a busy life,? Chris said.

However, the couple is primed and ready to make a difference.

?With us having four kids, Batavia is going to be a big part of their lives and we want to make Batavia better,? Kim said.