Door knocking pays off for Miller-Meeks

Mariannette Miller-Meeks is looking forward to a free weekend.

She hasn?t had one for many months as she campaigned for the Republican Party?s nomination for the Iowa Senate District 41 seat. Tuesday night, voters in the district rewarded her efforts with a victory. Miller-Meeks obtained 1,706 votes (85 percent) to challenger Dan Cesar?s 278 (14 percent). She will face Democrat Mary Stewart in the general election in November. Stewart defeated Ed Malloy.

Though Stewart and Miller-Meeks have had only limited interaction, they were once neighbors on North Court Street in Ottumwa.

Miller-Meeks still lives in Ottumwa and commutes to Burlington, where she works as an ophthalmologist.

?I have my regular job to put food on the table and gas in the car, which is pretty hectic. I work 12-14 hours a day,? she said. ?I door knocked mostly on the weekends. Some of my volunteers door knocked in the evenings, too. We knocked on doors even on Memorial Day when it was 100 degrees.?

Miller-Meeks said the people she spoke to were dissatisfied about not getting ahead, and worried about jobs.

?We have a lot to offer in southeast Iowa,? she said. ?This is a beautiful part of the state. We?ve got [Maharishi University of Management] and good employers.?

She said many people called her to inquire about holding government officials accountable.