Drake announcer dies in flash flood

Longtime Drake basketball radio announcer Larry Cotlar died Saturday night during flash flooding, Des Moines, Iowa, police announced.

Cotlar?s van reportedly stalled on a flooded street, and a call was made to the police. According to the Des Moines Register, police were headed to the scene when another report arrived that the occupants had left the vehicle, with one person swept away by floodwaters.

After a search, the Des Moines Fire Department found Cotlar?s body a few blocks away from where his van stalled.

Cotlar, 66, worked for a number of Iowa radio stations as a sports-talk host and a game broadcaster. He received the 2007 Iowa Sportscaster of the Year award.

He had called Drake basketball games since 2005.

?There just wasn?t anybody who didn?t like Larry Cotlar,? Andy Garman, his former radio co-host, told CNN. ?He touched people at all the schools. ...

?The guy was overwhelmingly positive. He?d had some setbacks, dealt with cancer and any number of things, but always had a smile.