Drish boys enjoying baseball

With an overall record of 29-8, the Fairfield Trojans are collectively enjoying the season, although there is an argument to made that the Drish boys, Hunter and Cooper, are enjoying the season more than anyone else.

Hunter is hitting .352 with a .444 OBP, 29 runs scored, 18 RBI and 17 stolen bases in his final summer before college, while his big-little brother Coop is hitting .444 with a .537 OBP, 33 runs scored, 35 RBI and 12 stolen bases as he?s about to become a big fish in the FHS pond with his senior year around the corner.

At 6?1, Cooper has some physical advantages over Hunter that make him the better brother at hitting, hitting for power, fielding and arm strength, but Hunter is a bit faster and both of his parents favorite according to the pair.

Hunter is also the better singer and dancer, but that may just be by default with neither knocking on Hollywood?s door, although Hunter excitedly pointed out that his brother Coop can turn his foot around 180-degrees!

As for their favorite things about each other? Hunter said his baby brother is really funny and Cooper said there is never a dull moment with his spaz of an older brother.