Ed Malloy treats everyone with respect

To the editor:

In the past 15 years that Ed Malloy has been our mayor, he has guided the community in creating more business, increasing tourism, making Fairfeld a more sustainable green town. Ed has the natural ability to bring different people together regardless of their political beliefs. Ed treats every person in front of him with the same respect, attention and equality.

When you vote, I encourage you to vote for Ed as he is the strongest candidate with a long proven track record.

This ultimately is not about who would be the best nominee for the Democratic Party. Both candidates are capable people, both are intelligent and hard working. This election is about who can win in November.

Will we have a Democrat or a Republican in the Iowa State Senate? Ed Malloy has already proven that he has the negotiating skills, the proof of economic success in this town and the values to carry Iowa forward.


? Radhika Schwartz, Fairfield