Ed unites rather than divides

To the editor:

I am writing in support of Ed Malloy?s candidacy for the Iowa Senate.

Over the time of Ed?s service for eight years on Fairfield?s City Council and 16 years as mayor, his steady, effective, inclusive and visionary leadership has helped guide Fairfield?s progress.

In my work with Ed as a member of the commission he empaneled to create the Fairfield Go-Green Strategic Plan 2020, I gained a deep appreciation of why Ed has been so effective as a leader. He understands how to wield political power in a way that unites rather than divides, makes people feel heard and appreciated, and invites anyone with a good idea or passion to work collaboratively toward worthy goals.

He has all the other technical knowledge and skills to develop wise and fiscally responsible public policy, but his exceptional ability to draw people together of different beliefs and viewpoints in service for the common good is what I appreciate the most.

He is a master of the art of top down, bottom up leadership. This particular skill is what I feel is most needed now in our state government. If elected, he will also be one of the few Senators with long experience in leading a city government.

He understands first-hand how state policy translates to impacts at the local level.

With his communication, convening, and negotiating skills, I believe he will be particularly effective in helping his colleagues focus on policies that can have broad bi-partisan support and a truly positive impact on our state.

He is also a fierce competitor who aims to win, and projects the authority and integrity that inspires confidence.

I am looking forward to his great contribution as our representative in the Iowa Senate.


? Bob Ferguson, Fairfield