Election is about more than just schools

To the editor:

Have you ever voted during the school board elections? If your answer is ?no? you are not alone. School board elections have a traditionally low voter turnout, but truth be told, this election will have a more direct impact on our daily lives than many more ?important? elections and will affect our quality of life and the values in our community for years to come.

The education of children is so critical for obvious reasons: They will become the future leaders, voters, doctors, teachers, citizens of our community, state and country.

We encounter them everywhere we go and someday they will be running things around here. Who we entrust their education to now, is probably one of the most important choices we can make for ourselves and our community.

So, for altruist and purely personal reasons, I want to make sure that our kids get the best possible education.

Our school system is at a critical juncture right now. State budget cuts have forced hard choices on the school board, like closing the Libertyville school and special interests have tried to circumvent state laws to force their ideology on school policy.

At this moment in time we need the best and brightest on our school board. We need intelligent, innovative, creative, open minded people who base their decisions on proven best practices and up to date research in the field of education.

We need people who have been successful in multiple areas of education: teaching, curriculum writing and administration. And we need people who can work harmoniously, as a group, who can listen and respect different points of view, and who, above all else, above ideology, politics, or personal likes or dislikes will do what is best for our children and our teachers.

That is why I am supporting Debi Plum, Kelly Scott, and Frank Broz. I attended the school board candidate forum and later had an opportunity to personally interview many of the candidates. I was so encouraged and grateful that so many people stepped up to run. But, as an educator myself, in the end, I came away impressed and inspired most by these three candidates.

They are the ones I would want to be there if my own kids were still in school. I feel that their combined knowledge, experience, ability to work successfully with all types of people, and most of all their passion to make Fairfield (schools) the best they can be, will be a huge asset to the board and to the future of Fairfield.

So I urge you all to vote, for our children and our future.


? Mary Tarnoff, Fairfield