Everybody Sings to perform Nov. 2

To the editor:

Everybody Sings is going to be on stage at the Sondheim again next week. We had a wonderful, well-received performance there in September at the 911 commemorative concert, ?Songs of Light and Love,? highlighting Faure?s Requiem.

Also, please note that we will be hosting a ?Sing Along Messiah? again this December.

This time, we are performing some soul-moving numbers and leading some ?sing alongs? with the audience.

The event is ?Sing Your Heart Out,? a fundraiser for the Sondheim. We will be in very distinguished company with some of my favorite local singers/performers such as Prairie Harmony Shape Note Singers, Emily Roth, Steve and Michaela McLain, Tim Britton, Frank Cenatori, Keith DeBoer, Jeffrey Hedquist, Jonas Magram, Ulrike Selleck, Torie Hollingsworth, Emily Cantafio Poole, Amine Kouider, Paulina E., Allison Metcalf and many more.

Singing is magical. It creates endorphins that lift the heart, body and soul.

Engaging in song actively, by singing or passively listening, create this opportunity for that upliftment that multiplies out into the universe. Our job as a choir is to create joy and spread it around!

Those of us in Everybody Sings and I?m sure the rest of the performers welcome the opportunity to share our love of song in a combined symphony to raise money for our beloved Sondheim Center.

Please join us Thursday, Nov 2. at 7:30 p.m.


? Colleen Bell, Fairfield