Facing truth leads to better life

To the editor:

It is not only the addict that must face their addiction honestly. It is the spouse, friend, relative, co-worker or someone else close to the addict that must face the addiction honestly, too.

An active addict in your life invariably means giving up expectations for consistency, reliability, and often responsibility. It can make you crazy. Even crazier if you do not realize the person you are dealing with is an addict.

There are 12-step programs for both addicts and the people in their lives who are affected by their addictions. Many people are restored to sanity through work in a 12-step program. But the freedom we all seek from the effects of addiction comes first and foremost from facing the truth.

It is the truth that makes us free, and however hard facing the truth is, it is the beginning of a better life, when we find the courage and faith to go where the truth leads.

Not everyone finds the same truth or has the same truth. We must all find our own truth. The truth that sets us free to be who we are, feel whole, and feel love and have compassion for ourselves and others.

A God who we believe in and trust is essential to any kind of recovery. But it is a God we can define in our own way. We can even substitute the term Higher Power. We only need to remember that recovery in any 12 step program is a spiritual process.

I encourage anyone facing the problem of addiction, either in themselves or someone they know, to try a 12-step program.

In the meantime, try to love the addict the best you can. Let them know you love them. Then take care of yourself no matter what.

Sounds simple and it is. It may sound easy, but it isn?t. Time and work in a 12-step program will help you see the light of healing and recovery. And move closer to it a day at a time.


- Jim Turner, Fairfield