Fairfield Area Weighted Blankets

The Fairfield Area Weighted Blankets group will hold its first 2018 workshop, following a two-week display set up at the Fairfield Public Library by Carol Sutton.

The workshop will 1:30 to 3:30 Saturday at SunnyBrook Assisted Living.

The workshop is open to all ages and gender, and there is no charge.

Over 100 of the weighted blankets made by members of the group have been given free to individuals, both children and adults, who have autism or other physical/health concerns that find the weighted blankets beneficial.

There are other tasks that can be done toward making the weighted blankets besides sewing, though being able to sew a straight stitch is certainly helpful. It is believed that a stretch stitch or double stitch on the sewing machine is preferable.

Future workshops are scheduled for the second Saturday of each month during 2018. Anyone wishing further information can contact Joanne Ancell at 472-4736.