Fairfield bowling features five senior girls

The five senior girls on the Fairfield bowling team, Taylor Blomme, Kristen Burnstedt, Trenady Sammons, Madison Osborn and Allison Krumboltz, are going to miss the same thing every 12th grader finishing their final season is going to miss: their teammates.

In fact, several joined the team because of people in the first place.

?I like to bowl and my brother bowled,? said Taylor Blomme. ?I like the family competition and I?m not really better than him, but I think I am.?

Blomme just joined the team last season after focusing her talents elsewhere early in high school.

?I use to not do any sports and was just in theater, but I definitely like the competitiveness of bowling,? she said.

Kristen Burnstedt also joined last season when a friend wanted her to join with them and she thought it sounded fun, but has strengthened other relationships as well.

?The team is really close and we are working together well.? She adds that skill level shouldn?t factor in your decision to join the team. ?Even if you?re bad, it doesn?t matter. Just join for fun and you?ll get better.?

Trenady Sammons joined the team two years ago and said bowling is the best part of her senior year.

She added, ?It?s a fun environment and the people are fun.?

She said her most memorable moment was bowling a 200.

Madison Osborn and Allison Krumboltz got their bowling careers started a bit earlier than the others.

?I joined because I did junior league my eighth grade year and liked it,? said Osborn. ?I was pretty good at it then, so I decided to compete in high school.?

Like Blomme, Krumboltz joined for family.

?My sister got me into it because she was bowling her senior year.? She added, ?I love it and I?m kind of good at it and I?ve grown to enjoy these people.?

Not only does Krumboltz enjoy the people, she?s seeing her scores rise as her final season rolls on.

?I just bowled my personal best of 143 last Saturday.?

The 2016-17 team graduated a large number of bowlers, but Osborn likes seeing new faces around the alley.

?It?s a lot of fun seeing new people want to try bowling, especially since all of these people are younger than me.? She continued, ?They are all enjoying it, so I hope they?ll stay with it.?

If they do stick with it, I imagine they?ll have a similar favorite memory as Madison when they go to graduate.

?Just bowling with the other girls. These are the times I?m going to remember, I?m not going to care what my test score was.?