Fairfield hosts four teams in large meet

The Fairfield wrestling team hosted Burlington, Centerville, Davis County and Keokuk Thursday night in the FHS gymnasium for a massive two-mat meet with the Trojans dualing each team, except the Keokuk Chiefs.

Head Coach Steve Miller and his band of grapplers fell to Burlington 42-33 and Centerville 50-27, but defeated Davis County 48-36.

Below are the match by match breakdowns of each dual.


Fairfield: 48

Davis Country: 36

182 Carter Spalla (Fairfield) over Micah Elam (Davis County) (Fall 3:10)

195 Collin Allen (Davis County) over Aidan Pohren (Fairfield) (Fall 2:12)

220 Louie Chickering (Davis County) over (Forfeit)

285 Brendon Lunsford (Fairfield) over Logan Hale (Davis County) (Fall 1:20)

106 Brecken Courtright (Fairfield) over (Forfeit)

113 Jonah Cooper (Fairfield) over Marcus Elam (Davis County) (Fall 1:05)

120 Gannon Courtright (Fairfield) over Adrian Gomez (Davis County) (Fall 1:56)

126 Davan Goering (Davis County) over Stetson Spees (Fairfield) (Fall 1:39)

132 Mason Allen (Fairfield) over Ben Oliver (Davis County) (Fall 3:15)

138 Zach Barnes (Fairfield) over Austin Payne (Davis County) (Fall 0:44)

145 Simon Ball (Davis County) over Sabon Simons (Fairfield) (Fall 5:59)

152 Wilston Wuthrich (Davis County) over Peyton Cline (Fairfield) (Fall 5:16)

160 Caden Hill (Davis County) over Nickel Iseman (Fairfield) (Fall 2:37)

170 Caleb Heisel (Fairfield) over Clayton Garmon (Davis County) (Fall 1:35)


Centerville: 50

Fairfield: 27

195 Peyton Moore (Centerville) over Aidan Pohren (Fairfield) (Fall 1:22)

220 Brady Clark (Centerville) over (Forfeit)

285 Brendon Lunsford (Fairfield) over Michael Currington (Centerville) (Fall 0:43)

106 Matthew Lewis (Centerville) over Brecken Courtright (Fairfield) (Fall 1:00)

113 Nathaniel Genobana (Centerville) over Jonah Cooper (Fairfield) (Fall 3:54)

120 Gannon Courtright (Fairfield) over Chris Bowen (Centerville) (Fall 2:55)

126 Ethan Wagner (Centerville) over Stetson Spees (Fairfield) (MD 10-2)

132 Mason Allen (Fairfield) over Gage Moorman (Centerville) (Dec 13-10)

138 Kayden Kauzlarich (Centerville) over Zach Barnes (Fairfield) (MD 15-6)

145 Tiger Terpstra (Centerville) over Sabon Simons (Fairfield) (Fall 3:34)

152 Peyton Cline (Fairfield) over Lucas Henderson (Centerville) (Fall 3:50)

160 Josh Morgan (Centerville) over Nickel Iseman (Fairfield) (Fall 1:55)

170 Stephen Wardlow (Centerville) over Caleb Heisel (Fairfield) (Fall 1:06)

182 Carter Spalla (Fairfield) over Ryan Currington (Centerville) (Fall 1:13)


Burlington: 42

Fairfield: 33

220 Mason Hartman (Burlington) over (Forfeit)

285 Brendon Lunsford (Fairfield) over Elias Cordero (Burlington) (Fall 0:36)

106 Brecken Courtright (Fairfield) over (Forfeit)

113 Jonah Cooper (Fairfield) over Unknown (Forfeit)

120 Duncan Delzell (Burlington) over Gannon Courtright (Fairfield) (Dec 8-2)

126 Stetson Spees (Fairfield) over Ian Taylor (Burlington) (Dec 7-4)

132 Mason Allen (Fairfield) over Collin Butler (Burlington) (Fall 3:07)

138 Zach Barnes (Fairfield) over Colin Masters (Burlington) (Fall 1:47)

145 Calvin Nguyen (Burlington) over Sabon Simons (Fairfield) (Dec 5-3)

152 Drake Bailey (Burlington) over Peyton Cline (Fairfield) (Fall 3:42)

160 Preston Terry (Burlington) over Nickel Iseman (Fairfield) (Fall 1:19)

170 Landon Wynn (Burlington) over Caleb Heisel (Fairfield) (Fall 0:30)

182 Isaiah Perez-Hall (Burlington) over Carter Spalla (Fairfield) (Fall 1:14)

195 Nash Garlow (Burlington) over Aidan Pohren (Fairfield) (Fall 1:08)