Fairfield library receives new books, DVDs

The Fairfield Public Library received several memorials and gifts in June.



Given by an anonymous donor, ?A Ghostly Light? by Blackwell.

Given by an anonymous donor, ?A Magical Match? by Blackwell.

Given by an anonymous donor, ?A Toxic Trousseau? by Blackwell.

Given by an anonymous donor, ?Give up the Ghost? by Blackwell.

Given by Joanna Johnson, ?Turbulence? by Woods.

Given by Sally Johnston, ?The Perfect Couple? by Hilderbrand.



In memory of Keith Bagby, given by Dale and Denise Mineart and family, ?Little Bighorn? (Large Print) by Hough.

In memory of Keith Bagby, in honor of his great-granddaughter Eveie, given by Dale and Denise Mineart and family, ?Wallpaper? by Lam.

In memory of Barb Doyle, given by Dale and Denise Mineart and family, ?Essential Perennials? by Clausen.

In memory of June C. Wagner, given by Terry E. and Kay L. Steele and family, ?Moon Colorado? by Cook; ?Moon Wisconsin? by Huhti; ?Risen? (DVD); ?The Friends of Jesus? by Kingsbury; ?We Believe in Christmas? by Kingsbury; ?White Rose, Black Forest? by Dempsey.



Given by Dennis Wonderlich, ?A Higher Loyalty? by Comey; ?Facts and Fears? by Clapper; ?The Assault on Intelligence? by Hayden; ?The Burning House? by Walker.

Given by Joe Mandarino, ?A Pattern of Lies? by Todd; ?A Place for Us? by Mirza; ?A Reaper at the Gates? by Tahir; ?A Walk to Remember? by Sparks; ?All the Beautiful Lies? by Swanson; ?An American Princess? by Van Der Zijl; ?And Then There Were None? by Christie; ?Another Country? by Baldwin; ?Assume the Worst? by Hiaasen; ?Barracoon? by Hurston; ?Bearskin? by McLaughlin; ?Bless Me, Ultima? by Anaya; ?Dona Barbara? by Gallegos; ?Every Note Played? by Genova; ?Fight No More? by Millet; ?HBR?s 10 Must Reads on Mental Toughness? by Harvard Business Review; ?How to Change Your Mind? by Pollan; ?How to Walk Away? by Center; ?Jar of Hearts? by Hillier; ?Leah on the Offbeat? by Albertalli; ?Magnolia Table? by Gaines; ?Measure What Matters? by Doerr; ?Messing With the Enemy? by Watts; ?My Ex-Life? by McCauley; ?Need to Know? by Cleveland; ?Star of the North? by John; ?Tales of the City? by Maupin; ?The Bedlam Stacks? by Pulley; ?The Coldest Winter Ever? by Souljah; ?The Color of Law? by Rothstein; ?The Color Purple? by Walker; ?The Death of Mrs. Westaway? by Ware; ?The Energy Bus? by Gordon; ?The Ensemble? by Gabel; ?The Hellfire Club? by Tapper; ?The Honey Farm? by Lye; ?The Intuitionist? by Whitehead; ?The Last Mrs. Parrish? by Constantine; ?The Lost for Words Bookshop? by Butland; ?The Mars Room? by Kushner; ?The North Water? by McGuire; ?The Nutmeg of Consolation? by O?Brian; ?The Only Story? by Barnes; ?The Order of Time? by Rovelli; ?The President is Missing? by Clinton and Patterson; ?The Restless Wave? by McCain; ?The Rustlers of West Fork? by L?Amour; ?The Shattered Tree? by Todd; ?The Soul of America? by Meacham; ?The Tattooist of Auschwitz? by Morris; ?The Trial? by Kafka; ?The View from Flyover Country? by Kendzior; ?There There? by Orange; ?Things Fall Apart? by Achebe; ?Tinderbox? by Fieseler; ?War on Peace? by Farrow; ?What the Eyes Don?t See? by Hanna-Attisha; ?Who is Vera Kelly?? by Knecht; ?You THink It, I?ll Say It? by Sittenfeld.

Given by Kieran Griffith, ?Doctor Who, Season 10? (DVD).

Given by Mary Morris, ?Block: 2014 ? Fall Vol. 1, Issue 5? by Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Given by The Pedrick Family, ?The Handmaid?s Tale, Season 1? (DVD);, ?Westworld, Season 1? (DVD).

Given by John Phillip Crile (Gruel) and Gottliebie (Kull) descendants in honor of 100th Crile Reunion - July 2017,?A Dictionary of Family History? by Scott; ?Ancestors? by Hertzel; ?Finding Family? by Hill; ?Hey, America, Your Roots are Showing? by Smolenyak; ?How to Archive Family Keepsakes? by Levenick; ?Organize Your Genealogy? by Smith; ?The Family Tree Cemetery Field Guide? by Neighbors; ?The Family Tree Historical Newspapers Guide? by Beidler.

Given in dedication to descendants of John Phillip Crile (Gruel) and Gottliebie (Kull), ?Finding Your Roots, Season 3? (DVD); ?Finding Your Roots, Season 4? (DVD); ?We?ll Meet Again? (DVD).



For information about presenting memorials and gifts to Fairfield Public Library, call 472-6551.