Fairfield Middle School, Elks honor Students of the Month

Each school month, the Fairfield Elks Lodge sponsors the Fairfield Middle School ?Students of the Month? award to acknowledge positive contributions of students in and out of the classroom.

The ?Students of the Month? certificates are awarded after a nomination and voting process is completed by each grade-level teaching team.

Fifth-grader Ashlynne Alexander?s certificate states she ?gives her very best every day by going above and beyond the daily assigned work. She also demonstrates leadership qualities by motivating everyone to follow Trojan PRIDE. She has a kind attitude and likes to help her peers.?

Fifth-grader Brody Phillips?s certificate states he ?is a hard worker. He never gives up, even if something is difficult. Brody?s work is exceptional because he puts lots of thought into his answers and writes very thorough explanations. Brody is kind to others and always has a positive attitude.?

Sixth-grader Ben Sirdoreus?s certificate states he ?is an extremely hard worker and is always willing to help others. Ben is very organized with his classwork. Ben has a positive attitude toward learning and it is contagious to his classmates. Ben is a true example of Trojan PRIDE.?

Sixth-grader Madisyn ?Maddi? Woodburn?s certificate states she ?displays a great work ethic and positive attitude, striving to do her best at all times. She is very prompt on getting her work completed on time and to a very high level.?

Seventh-grader Alison Megrath?s certificate states ?Academically, Alison goes above and beyond assignment expectations. She seeks out help when needed, and she always enthusiastically participates in class discussions. Personally, Alison is not afraid to stand up for herself or others, and she shows Trojan PRIDE in her actions as well as in her words.?

Seventh-grader Aiden Lyons?s certificate states he ?consistently works hard and shows a curiosity for learning. He can be counted on to complete work and is a leader in class discussion and activities. Aiden uses his time wisely, follows directions, and consistently tries to improve. His positive attitude and consistency is appreciated!?

Eighth-grader Hannah Simpson?s certificate states ?Your eighth grade teachers want you to know that we recognize and appreciate your hard work and dedication to your educational opportunities. Your perseverance and persistence pay off for you both in and outside of the classroom.?

Eighth-grader Konner Kurka?s certificate states he ?has made great strides recently and they have not gone unnoticed. Konner regularly checks on the status of his assignments and is willing to make adjustments to fulfill the requirements. He not only communicates his questions and concerns in person but also will send emails for clarification. Konner has shown great improvement academically, improving his communication skills in his writing as well.?