Fairfield named best place to escape in Iowa

The travel company Expedia has named Fairfield the best place to escape to in Iowa.

The company selected the best escape destination in every state, and posted the list on its website earlier this month.

The author of the piece, Lily Rogers, wrote ?When burdens begin to feel particularly heavy, it?s time to take a real break. You may need to go, not where everybody knows your name, but somewhere to soak up nature?s wonders and revel in serene solitude.?

Rogers mentions a number of things to do in Fairfield, such as ?seek transcendence at the Vedic Observatory,? and ?treat yourself to a unique spa experience at The Raj.? She talks about unwinding at Seven Roses Inn, escaping to simpler times by visiting Maasdam Barns to learn about draft horse history, and cooking an outdoor meal by the lake at Waterworks Park.

The full list can be viewed at: