Fairfield seniors last run in volleyball

Tonight is the big game for Fairfield volleyball as their season comes to a crescendo in Fort Madison.

The Trojans will face the Bloodhounds for the third and final time in 2017 and are hoping for an ?upset? that would send them onto Cedar Rapids to face No. 1 Xavier for a trip to the state quarterfinals as Region 7 Champions.

The three seniors sat down after beating Keokuk 3-0 to discuss their final seasons so far and tonight?s matchup. The trio includes: No. 4 Ashtyn Drish, No. 8 Alie Kensett and No. 9 Kristen Daugherty.


How are your senior seasons going so far?

Ashtyn: ?I think we?re right where we need to be. At the beginning of the season we were looking forward to playing Fort Madison and beating them to go to state and the next game is Fort Madison, so that?s what we?re going to do.?


Where is your confidence level going into Fort Madison?

Alie: ?We have nothing to lose and I think since it?s the third time around we?ll really give them a go.?


How long have you been playing volleyball?

Alie: I was a 7th grade girls manager and I?ve played since 8th grade.

Ashtyn: I started in club and then played all the way through.

Kristen: I remember going to the camps since 4th grade and my dream was always to be playing on the varsity court.


Why should Trojan nation support you Tuesday night?

Kristen: ?I think it?s going to be the best game of the season and we?re going to put all of our energy into making sure it?s not our last.?


Hidden talents?

Best Dancer: Kristen by default

Singer: Kristen, who had all-state choir auditions Saturday

Also, Alie can wiggle her right ear but only one and sometimes forgets which one it is.

Not to be outdone, Ashtyn proved she can touch her tongue to her nose.


College plans?

Alie plans to attend DMACC for nursing and wants to play intramural sports.

Ashtyn is thinking about playing collegiate softball and studying psychology.

Kristen is going to Iowa and is considering the dental school to be an orthodontist.

Tonight?s game between 24-8 Fairfield and 24-8 and No. 14 ranked Fort Madison begins at 7 p.m. The winner will advance to play at No. 1 Xavier Monday night for a berth in the state volleyball tournament?s quarterfinals.