Fairfield to seal coat streets

Residents are asked to avoid driving on streets that will be seal coated next week.

Seal coating will start Monday and end Thursday. Sealing coating, also know as chip seal, includes placing a thin layer of asphalt directly followed by a layer of small rocks. The rocks are then rolled into the asphalt.

For best results for the road and your vehicle, avoid driving on the road for 24 hours. If you need to drive on the road, approximately 20 mph helps prevent throwing rocks and asphalt onto your vehicle and prevents them from sticking to your tires. Also, make sure that all personal belongings such as trash cans and lawn ornaments are kept back from the edge of the road. Construction equipment will be equipped with back-up alarms and strobe lighting for safety so expect some noise.

Residents are asked to move their cars off the following streets:

? Royal Oaks Lane

? Sunset Drive

? Fillmore Avenue west of Seventh Street

? 17th Street from Burlington to Jackson

? 15th Street from Burlington to Jackson

? 14th Street from Burlington to Jackson

? Washington Avenue from 14th to 17th

? Madison Avenue from 14th to 17th

? Jackson Avenue from 14th to 17th

? Water Works Road