Fairfield wrestlers celebrate conquests with a feast

Twenty-six grapplers and four managers joined together with their families and the Fairfield wrestling coaching staff one last time for the 2017-18 season to celebrate the year with a banquet and awards presentation. Twelve student-athletes and all four student-managers lettered, while six of the wrestlers also received plaques for their contributions.


Certificate of participaton recipients were: Logan Adam, Brody Angstead, Wyatt Baker, Jacob Bland, Dagan Burnett, Alex Camero, Brecken Courtright, Nicholas Iseman, Tommy Jones, Blake Metz, Toban Oliver, Arya Patel, Blaine Silvers, and Gabe Zimmer.


Letter winners: junior Mason Allen first year, senior Zach Barnes fourth year, freshman Payton Cline first year, sophomore Jonah Cooper second year, senior Gannon Courtright second year, sophomore Caleb Heisel first year, senior Brendon Lunsford fourth year, freshman Aidan Pohren first year, freshman Cohyn Roach first year, senior Saban Simons first year, junior Carter Spalla third year, and senior Stetson Spees fourth year.


Award winners

Most Valuable: Brendon Lunsford


Most Improved: Cohyn Roach


Jordan Smith/Perserverence Award: Mason Allen


Iron Man Award: Gannon Courtright


Rookie Award: Payton Cline


Darwin Potter Determination Award: Jonah Cooper


Head Coach Steve Miller discussed this season and the future of the program with The Ledger following the festivities.


Q) Why is the end of season dinner so important?

Miller: More than anything it?s a way to recognize the kids completing a tough and grueling season and celebrate their accomplishments.


Q) I know there were many things that didn?t go the way you hoped this season, what?s your mindset heading into the offseason?

Miller: You have to have a growth mindset, whether you?re a coach, an athlete, or whoever you are. I think you have to look at yourself first and you don?t want to sugar-coat everything.

You have to point out the good things along with the things we need to improve upon and that?s some of what we did tonight. I?m just trying to keep the guys excited and motivated for this team to get to the next level and get everybody to buy in and I think we?ve done that.


Q) Where is your confidence level with the program itself?

Miller: I have a tremendous amount of confidence. All of our kids are good, hard-working kids. They?ve got a good attitude, we?ve got an unbelieveable large group of freshman(15 of the 26 wrestlers this year were ninth graders) that are very self-motivated and hold themselves accountable in everything they do.

When you have a group like that, you have a lot of confidence going into the next season. We?ve also got a lot of sophomores and juniors that will be back and many of them have been working out the entire three weeks we?ve been ?done? with wrestling.


Q) Do you encourage multi-sport athletes?

Miller: Yeah, I wish we had more in the school. A lot of the wrestlers do multiple sports and activities and I think it?s great. No. 1, it?s a healthy lifestyle to be playing different sports. It?s good for your body so that you aren?t being overly repetitive with your motions and you also get an opportunity to get coached by other coaches and meet new teammates. Playing multiple sports does nothing but improve you.