Fairfielder enjoys his 1927 Bugatti

Scott Harwood has lived in Fairfield his whole life and graduated from FHS in 1983.

One of his pride and joys is his replica 1927 mustard yellow Bugatti built in 1975 and purchased by Harwood in 2000.

He bought it from his neighbor and he drives it recreationally and in parades, although he suggested it needs a fresh paint job.

It has a 2600 volkswagon engine in the rear, takes normal gasoline and tops out at around 60 mph.

Besides its antique horn, a perk is the 40-42 miles per gallon the two-seater gets.

Harwood said the farthest he?s driven it was to the state fair and he claims it was an enjoyable ride.

He also says the parts are easy to replace for an ?older? car.