Familiar faces among Trojans? five new hires

With five positions in the Fairfield activities department newly filled, director Jeff Courtright told the Ledger that with the exception of a couple of middle school wrestling coaches needed, the Trojans have all of their leadership roles filled throughout the department.

The new group of coaches are: Washington Elementary special education teacher Jay Pike, strength and conditioning; Pence Elementary associate Brittany Winslow; head girls? soccer coach; middle school teacher Mark Eberly, assistant middle school track coach; middle school counselor Jay Thompson, head middle school boys? track coach; Angie Lamb, assistant middle school track coach.

Many of the ?new? coaches have been on the Trojans sideline in other roles such as Lamb currently coaching the 7-8th grade girls? middle school basketball teams amongst others and Winslow who filled in on an ?interim? role as the head girls? swimming coach for Hannah Baker who was around but on maternity leave.

?I am super excited for this position,? said Winslow about her new post. ?The Fairfield girls? soccer team has always had a special place in my heart, and as the new coach, some of my main objectives are going to be sportsmanship, personal development and achieving set goals.? She added, ?I know we have some great talent in our program and the girls have played hard in the past and we will keep the momentum moving forward with just as much motivation and grit. Some of these girls have experience playing and working together, but no matter what we have for talent, I know we all will improve in some way, shape, or form.?


Q) Did you receive a healthy amount of applicants for the open positions you advertised?

Courtright: We?ve been able to get all of our positions filled. It varies from time to time, we?ll have a bunch of applicants for some positions and other times the pool isn?t as heavy but I am very satisfied with the people we have in place for these positions and have been very satisfied with what we?ve been able to accomplish the past few years.


Q) What are you hoping this group of new hires bring to their Trojan programs?

Courtright: No. 1, we always look for people who are going to build solid relationships with kids, people who have proved they can interact with them in a positive way. This group is connected to the school, and they have shown through their coaching experiences, either in a paid or volunteer role, that they can interact with the children on a daily basis with their positions in the school. I?m confident that they will not only be able to motivate their students, but that they have the knowledge needed to coach their sport based on their various pasts? as athletes at the high school and some even at the college level. I think we have a good group in place to continue the tradition of Fairfield.