Fire damages house

A house in Fairfield was badly damaged by fire early Saturday morning.

The house is at 507 N. Main St., on the southeast corner of the intersection with Kirkwood Avenue. The fire occurred at 1:47 a.m. The fire became so large that Fairfield Fire Department requested and received mutual aid from Libertyville Fire Department. The firefighters returned to the station at 4:34 a.m., but were called back about 15 minutes later because the fire had rekindled. The firefighters were there for another 45 minutes.

Most of the damage occurred on the northwest corner of the house, which was turned black by the flames. The house was a rental property owned by Michael Morgan. Occupants included Sherry Jacobs, Mike Miller and Brendan Simpson. The tenants did not have renter?s insurance. No injuries were reported.

According to a report from the Fairfield Fire Department, the fire began when candles ignited a drapery in the sitting room.