First Lutheran honors missionaries with silent auction Sunday

The First Lutheran Church in Fairfield plans to celebrate the work of more than 225 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America missionaries including young adults, who serve more than 40 countries with a special worship service followed by a silent auction.

?They are young adults, passionate about their faith,? said Joyce Schindler, who chairs the event. ?They are pastors called to teach and preach. They are doctors called to practice where their skills are needed.?

The worship service, which begins at 9 a.m., will include music from around the world. The silent auction will feature a variety of crafts, baked goods made by church members.

All of the proceeds raised will be used to support mission work done throughout the world.

?There are a lot of things that we give to,? Schindler said. ?Things like The Clean Water Project and Bread for the World; we also give to help with Malaria efforts, which includes Malaria tents, shots and other medications -- we even give locally.?

Schindler said the idea for the auctions, which started at First Lutheran in 2009, came from one of the churches companion parishes in Tanzania.

?We have a companion [Evangelical] Lutheran Church in Tanzania. They take up a regular offering, and [later] they would meet in the courtyard and auction off produce and things that church members had made. That money would go to support people in need in the community,? Schindler said, explaining of how her parish got the idea to have an auction to raise funds for missions.

For more information, contact the church at 472-4184.