FMS awards Trojan PRIDE honors

Fairfield Middle School has announced the names of its mid-year FMS Trojan PRIDE Award recipients.

Each school year, grade-level teachers at FMS are asked to nominate students who consistently display Trojan PRIDE in and out of the classroom. Trojan PRIDE stands for:

Prepared to learn

Respectful to self and others

Integrity in our actions


Environmentally aware and safe


The following students were selected by their teachers and recognized at the school?s Mid-Year Assembly Feb. 1:



Grace Forrest?s certificate states she ?is a deserving recipient of a Trojan PRIDE award for 1st Semester. She always tries the best she can at whatever task she is given. She is a hardworking, caring, and responsible student. She works well with all her classmates and is always very respectful of others. She puts her full effort into everything she does to accomplish things at her full potential?

Luke Konczal?s corticate states he ?demonstrates Trojan PRIDE consistently in the classroom and outside of the classroom. He is always willing to help his peers with class work, which shows he is a leader and servant-hearted. He is also always respectful toward teachers and staff members. Luke is excelling in all areas and maintains a positive attitude.?

Olivia Hollander?s certificate states she ?is a great example of Trojan PRIDE. Olivia has made some great growth this school year. She always tries her best and puts extra effort into all of her classwork. This extra effort is evident in the high quality of work she produces. She does a good job of taking a leadership role when working in groups. Olivia comes to school ready to learn with a positive attitude.?

Binh Truong?s certificate states he ?is a student who always comes to class with a smile and good attitude. He is always prepared with his homework, supplies he needs for class or with any questions he might have. He is respectful to teachers and to his friends and classmates. He works well with his classmates by listening to their ideas and waiting for his turn to talk. Binh shows integrity by choosing to do the right thing. He knows when it?s time to follow directions and he knows when it?s his time to have fun. He even went out of his comfort zone this year by trying out for the talent show! In class I can depend on Binh to follow directions, work his hardest on assignments and I can trust that if he has a question, he is not afraid to ask! He consistently makes great choices and is a friend to everyone.?

Haleigh Strickland?s certificate states she ?comes to school every day with a smile on her face ready to learn. She has a great attitude about everything we do. She tries her best and gives 100% all the time. She wants to do well and strives to improve herself. She is a great role model for the other students. She works well with others and is kind and respectful to her peers. Haleigh shows Trojan PRIDE in all aspects of her life.?


Sixth grade

Maya Lane?s certificate states she ?sets high academic goals for herself. She comes to school every day prepared with a positive attitude and with all her completed work and materials. Maya is a dependable student in class, consistently maintaining good behavior, even when other students get off task. Maya loves to learn, she seeks help when she has questions, and she always does her very best.?

Hailey Ryan?s certificate states she ?exemplifies Trojan Pride on a daily basis. Hailey is quiet leader and is a positive role model to her classmates. Hailey sets high standards for herself and she uses her strong work ethic to reach her goals.?

Connor Hawkins?s certificate states ?In class he is always respectful and prepared. He is a great participant in class discussions and his teachers can count on him to work with anyone. He has a positive attitude and works hard all the time. The 6th grade team appreciates his fun and mature sense of humor. FMS is a better place with him here.?

Sam Weaton?s certificate states ?This young man has constantly given all his effort in everything that has been asked of him. His blood runs deep with Trojan orange and black. He strives to become better every day. He breathes Trojan Pride by the minute, shares it daily, and ultimately lives it. He is not only willing to work hard to improve himself, but is willing to step back and do what is best for the group!?


Seventh grade

Ellie Stever?s certificate states ?A characteristic of Trojan PRIDE is being dependable with one?s work and creating ownership of it; that is something Ellie contributes to as part of the Trojan Pride community. She is self-sufficient and can independently take her academics to new heights. Not only are academics essential to her, yet people are too. Ellie is very kind and respectful to all that surrounds her and everyone she works with on a daily basis. Overall, Ellie is a quiet leader ...?

Sara Kretz?s certificate states she ?is an all-around leader. She shows kindness to everyone and goes out of her way to make others feel comfortable. Even though people are important to her, schoolwork is just as important. Sara invests her whole heart in her schoolwork and wants her classmates to understand it just as much. She voluntarily works with a student daily to help him get the most out of class, even when it means that she won?t get her own work done and will have homework.?

Bradley Warnell?s certificate states he ?is a quiet leader who can be seen working diligently on a daily basis. He is always respectful to those around him, as well as being helpful and kind. Bradley also has a curiosity that drives him, which makes him a terrific outside the box thinker. In addition, he develops strong questions to fulfill his interest in learning.?

Maxwell Weaton?s certificate states he ?displays every aspect of Trojan PRIDE. He is kind, thoughtful, caring, hardworking, which makes him a natural leader. In addition to being a graceful leader, he makes others feel special, and in doing so, he stands up for what is right. Max also admits his faults and tries to correct them. All in all, Max can be counted on amongst his peers and teachers for his mannerisms and work ethic.?


Eighth grade

Jenna Norris?s certificate states ?If this student has ever come to school without a smile and a positive attitude, we have not seen it. Upbeat yet hard-working, this young lady gives other students an example to live up to. Always respectful and reliable, this young lady also shows integrity in every situation we?ve seen. Her perseverance and work ethic translate into the success she enjoys every day. Never give up, never say die are two mottos she lives by.?

Danae Miller?s certificate states she ?has consistently shown Trojan PRIDE in and out of the classroom. In class Danae is hard-working and participates throughout the lesson. When someone needs help, Danae is quick to help him or her and does it with a positive attitude. She is prepared for class on a daily basis and always comes with an attitude to learn. Danae shows tremendous respect to teachers and fellow students. We can count on Danae to show integrity and to get her work done on time, even if she is gone a day or had to leave early.?

Brandon Gerleman?s certificate states he ?demonstrates Trojan PRIDE on a daily basis. He shows respect by always raising his hand to participate in group discussion and isn?t afraid to ask a question if something doesn?t quite make sense. He shows integrity and by working his hardest to get assignments turned in on time, being in his seat with the necessary material, and waiting quietly for instruction. Brandon has shown dependability when completing partner work, being present in class and completing the task on the given timeline.?

Grant Ward?s certificate states he is ?consistently showing Trojan PRIDE both in and out of the classroom. Grant does a great job being prepared for his classes by completing and bringing assignments to class ready to be turned in. He is also very dependable and consistently keeps up with his assignments and classroom work even when he is not present in class. Grant respects both his peers and his teachers and is always willing to help out whenever possible.?