Fort Madison prison remains on lockdown

Officials at the Iowa State Penitentiary on Friday said the Fort Madison prison continues in lockdown/restricted movement status with no plans to alter the status at this time.

The staff member injured in an assault by an inmate Wednesday has been released from University of Iowa hospitals and is at home recovering, according to a prison spokeswoman. The investigation into the matter continues, prison officials said, and so far there are no indications that the incident that occurred on Saturday is related to Wednesday?s assault.

However, both offenders have ties to groups affiliated with White Supremacy. A prison news release said institution officials are conducting thorough searches of all areas of the facility as well as plans are being drafted for modifications to Housing Unit One where the assault occurred. Staffing plans are also being evaluated. Also, visits to the penitentiary continue to be suspended and the offenders are unable to access the phone system at this time, prison officials said Friday.