Gambell goes with Dutch

Panther girls? basketball standout Maci Gambell has made her decision on college and has chosen to take her talents 52 miles northwest of Pekin High to Central College in Pella where she will enroll as a freshman for the fall of 2018 and will join the Lady Dutch basketball team.

Gambell has shot 50.2 percent from the field this season, including 35.5 percent from the perimeter, and 74.1 percent from the foul line. Maci averages 17.2 points, 7.1 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 2.8 steals and 1.1 blocks per game, good for first or second on the team in each category.

The Fairfield Ledger spoke with the Pekin senior following her teams 61-34 win over Alburnett Tuesday night.


Q) Where were you looking and what made your final decision?

Gambell: I was kind of just waiting to see what was offered. I hadn?t decided if I wanted to play or just go to school, but I?d always looked at Central and I really liked the school and then I went and talked to the coaches and I just decided that I loved the coaches and the college and I thought it?d be a great fit for me to have a lot of fun and play a lot of good basketball.


Q) What will you be studying?

Gambell: I?m going to do athletic training or exercise science and go into the physical therapy route. I?ve always been very interested in the medical field and thought about nursing and I?ve always had a passion for sports and exercise and learning more about the body and so I thought this would be a great fit.


Q) Talk about Panther pride.

Gambell: It?s always coming together, you can see we had a big crowd and everyone supports everybody and that?s probably the biggest thing to me.


Q) Were you experiencing any emotion when you came out with 90 seconds left?

Gambell: *Teary eyed* A little, yeah.


Q) What?s your long term goal?

Gambell: We?ll see where I can get a job, but I have family here at Pekin, so I could see myself coming back here.


Q) At least to a Pekin-like place, right?

Gambell: Yeah.