Gubernatorial hopeful Andy McGuire shows up

To the editor:

As a consumer protection attorney in southeast Iowa for over 27 years dedicated to helping families from all walks of life who are experiencing financial distress, I?ve seen firsthand the devastating and compounding effects of staggering health care costs, a dismantled mental health care delivery system overburdening our law enforcement and hospital emergency rooms, stagnant wages, slowly starving K-12 public education and so many more issues critical to the health and well-being of our state.

So, I appreciate the unique expertise and empathy that medical doctor, businesswoman, and gubernatorial candidate Andrea ?Andy? McGuire brings to the table in tackling these challenging problems with effective, affordable solutions that benefit all Iowans. Iowa needs a governor like my friend, Dr. Andy McGuire.

I support Andy because she?s a team player. Last summer, Andy was in Fairfield and along with our Mayor Ed Malloy, knocked on doors for our now State Rep. Phil Miller before his special election. Andy knows that we need more common sense, down-to-earth people in office. Those who put people before profits.

That?s why she volunteered her time to make sure Fairfield and the rest of the district elected a solid leader like Phil. That?s the kind of governor Iowa needs right now, someone who thinks of others and is committed to helping out whenever and wherever she?s needed.

We need a governor who pays attention to southeast Iowa and truly embraces our part of the state as a vital part of the whole. I believe no other candidate from either party has worked more to engage all of Iowa than Andy McGuire. The most recent example was last Saturday.

She?s the only Democratic gubernatorial candidate out of six to take the time, and make the effort to travel 500 miles and personally visit all four of Iowa?s Democratic District Conventions. Maybe they didn?t think it was possible logistically, but no other candidate did that. She did. She got it done. To me, that speaks volumes about Dr. Andy McGuire. Three words come to mind ? she shows up.

She walks the walk. She does the work. She?s working hard to earn your vote. She?s doing it the good old-fashioned Iowa way ? working to earn it. A Waterloo native, mother of seven, from a family of eight, her father a World War II veteran, Andy was told she couldn?t be a medical doctor because she?s a woman. Nevertheless, she persisted, worked her way through medical school, and is committed to working for all Iowans.

Please visit her website www.mcguireforgovernor.com, where you?ll see many endorsements, including from our mayor. I believe no other candidate is more ideally qualified in this time and age to be our governor. Early primary voting begins Monday, May 7. If you?re a registered Democrat, or even if you aren?t, it isn?t too late to register at your county courthouse. I urge you to support and vote for Dr. Andy McGuire.

With thanks,


- Paul Gandy, Fairfield