Guezimane wraps on boys soccer


After the all-Southeast Conference honors were announced last week, Fairfield?s Head Coach of the boy?s soccer team, Felisto Guezimane, discussed some of the selections and why they were made.


Q) Chaysten Titus was named conference player of the year, talk about that.

?I nominated Chaysten for the player of the year award because not only was he the second leading scorer, one goal behind Shawn, he led the conference in assists.

?He was by far the best player in the conference and all of the other coaches voted for him as well.?


Q) Explain the pride in having four of your seniors selected to the first team.

?The four seniors selected were key players on our roster.

?They were also the captains of the team, leading us to the most successful season yet with our 8-0 conference title.?


Q) The future is bright with three underclassmen either first team or honorable mention.

?The future is bright for this team! We have so many talented kids, and I wish we could have kept the same roster for one more season.

?These underclassmen are very talented, but like I told them, talent alone is not enough.

?They will have to work harder and carry on with the great leadership and commitment the seniors left off.

?They have big shoes to fill, but the foundation is set.?


Q) Seven of your players were all-academic, why is that important?

?Having seven players in the all-academic selection shows that we?re not all about sports. We make sure school comes first.

Being a student athlete is not easy, but I?m very proud of those players for being able to balance school and sports.?