Hard work and prayer key to Fritz success

Saturday at FHS, the ?2018 Southern Iowa Classic Family Recognition Award? was presented to the Robert and Winifred Fritz family who had twelve members in attendance to accept the plaque.

The award?s purpose is to ?recognize and honor past wrestlers and their families for their contributions to Fairfield athletics and activities.?

The familie?s eldest member and matriarch, Winifred, said the key to her families closeness and success was, ?hard work and prayer.?

She said there wasn?t anybody else around but each other and there wasn?t anything to do but work and play together, so sports became an outlet for many of her children.

The Ledger also spoke with four of the Fritz daughters: Jane, Mary, Rita and Lucy who all remember it the same way.

?I remember pairing off and playing badmitton,? said Rita Berry with her sisters nodding in agreement.

The Fritz clan graduated eight kids from Fairfield, beginning with Joe in 1969, followed by Tony in ?72, Jane in ?74, Greg in ?76, Mary in ?78, Lucy in ?79, Chip in ?83 and Rita in 1986.

Joe?s son Michael Fritz was a 2017 graduate of Fairfield as well, and carried on the family legacy by participating in sports, the same as his eight aunts and uncles did for the Trojans. His sister Julia is currently a junior at FHS and plays volleyball and runs track.

The youngest Fritz at Fairfield is eighth grader Sophia, who does track.